Welcome to the Portal

Whether you are a game designer, an engineer or simply enthusiastic about Machinations, this is where you can find resources about how to better integrate Machinations into your workflow.

If you’re looking for product documentation, check our GitBook manuals:

If you want an overall presentation of our development products, we have organized the Portal in 4 main sections:

  • UP, our Game Engine Plugin – for Unity 3D, Unreal Engine, and possibly others based on popular demand.
  • API Servicesconnect to Machinations to customize existing integrations or develop your own tools.
  • Game-Aware Analytics – improve your Machination diagrams with actual data from your prototypes.
  • Data Formats & Design Handover – the formats in which Machinations can deliver your game designs.

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This portal is undergoing heavy development during 2021 as we are ramping up our Game Engine integration and API Services. We are eager to hear from you! What features you like most? What would you like more of? How do you currently use Machinations?