UP – Fun with Game States

Important: this is a design-complete, upcoming feature.

In the vast majority of game projects, you will have multiple diagrams describing your mechanics. One of the greatest features of UP, our Game Engine Plugin, is that it will be able to use multiple Machinations Diagrams within the same game, and get values from them based on Game State.

Let’s take, for example, a game where the Player fights Ghouls. During the day, the Ghouls do normal damage against the Player, while during twilight & night, they have higher damage. The economy of the game changes between night & day.

Thanks to Game State Awareness, your game will be able to set the Ghouls’ Damage (as well as any other mechanics one may have) based on whether it’s day or night. One Machinations diagram will be used for day, and another one for night mechanics. The only thing your game needs to do is to notify UP about Game State changes via the OnGameStateChanged method of the  IGameLifecycleSubscriber interface, which UP implements.

Here’s a code snippet showing a section of a Machinations Game Object’s manifest, which shows how to set up this feature.

In the above snippet, the “Damage” of a creature will be taken from 2 different Diagrams. One Diagram will be connected to the “LowDamage” StatesAssociation while another to “HighDamage”.

This feature is close to being finalized, with full architectural support already completed. We will focus on this as soon as we’re done launching our UP Unity Pilot through the Machinations Early Adopter Program.

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