UP – Leveraging the Power of Caching

We’re pleased to announce the availability of the Local Cache feature in UP! By specifying a “Cache Directory Name” in MachinationsGameLayer, your game design data will be stored locally in an open format (XML).

There’s great power hidden in that tiny textbox there. You can easily switch between multiple game designs simply by changing what Cache you’re using. Even more, you can work without any connection to Machinations.

But probably the most important and useful feature is the fact that you can ship your game without any extra effort of migrating game design. The more you integrate your game design early and during your development process, the less effort you will have to spend when it’s finally time to release your creation.

Since the cached data is XML, you can easily read it, transform it or pass it to other tools. It can be versioned and shared. And the cherry on top, if you’re into extending the lifespan and reach of your game, is that this is a great first step towards making your game moddable. We’re cooking something big on that front too, so stay tuned :).

Since these features are in early development, we encourage you to get in touch via our public channels and tell us about your use case. How can we make Machinations the perfect tool for you?

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