UP – Leveraging the Power of Caching

We’re pleased to announce the availability of the Local Cache feature in UP! You can easily switch between multiple game designs simply by changing what Cache you’re using. Even more, you can work without any connection to Machinations.

But probably the most important and useful feature is the fact that you can ship your game without any extra effort of migrating game design. The more you integrate your game design early and during your development process, the less effort you will have to spend when it’s finally time to release your creation.

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What Machinations UP is NOT (Yet!)

These days we’ve talked extensively about what our game engine plugin, UP, can do. But before you go on thinking that UP can magically make sense & transfer your entire Machinations diagram logic, let us tell you about its current limitations and known issues. After all, history has taught us that the biggest mistake one can make is to over-hype a product. So, let’s take a reality check!

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UP – Fun with Game States

In the vast majority of game projects, you will have multiple diagrams describing your mechanics. One of the greatest features of UP, our Game Engine Plugin, is that it will be able to use multiple Machinations Diagrams within the same game, and get values from them based on Game State.

Let’s take, for example, a game where the Player fights Ghouls. During the day, the Ghouls do normal damage against the Player, while during twilight & night, they have higher damage. The economy of the game changes between night & day.

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UP – The Unity Pilot

As part of Machinations’ Early Adopter Program, we’re pleased to invite you to take part to the UP Unity Pilot. This is the very first public version of our Game Engine Plugin, UP, built from the ground up to support any game engine. The first concrete implementation of the plugin is for Unity 3D, with Unreal Engine further down the line.

If you’re interested in participating in the Pilot, please enroll here:

UP Closed Beta Enrollment Form

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