Game-Aware Analytics

IMPORTANT: this is an upcoming feature.

Analytics allows you to record any Game or Game Object State Changes and Events. Sets of data may be saved during various key-points. You will also be able to import Analytics data from other providers.

Game-Aware Analytics provides game designers a whole new way of understanding valuable gameplay data. We have devised a way map analytics data onto Machinations Diagrams, so that you can see exactly how your changes impact the game. It’s analytics on (a lot of) steroids.

You will be able to use this product throughout the lifetime of your game:

  • Prototyping: skip hundreds of tweaks and iterations of your Machinations Diagrams by “listening” to what the gameplay is talking back to you.
  • Development: speed up game design by being able to see, side by side, how different design models fare against each other.
  • Post-release: facilitate the development of patches and game-play balancing by tapping into the massive amount of data generated by your users.

All this works using the Machinations Inference Protocol, a feature that allows you to debug and fine-tune a diagram by employing Machinations Game Analytics. You can connect Diagram elements to formulas defined in UP. The resulting values can be synch’ed back to the Diagram. This process can signal if there are unexpected differences between the diagram and the game.