UP – Our Game Engine Plugin

Our Game Engine Plugin is called Machinations UP, or, shorter, UP. It allows you to synchronize your Machinations diagrams with your game in real time. Any change you make in the diagram will be applied to your game, while your game is running. The only thing you need to do is to use UP’s flexible value mapping framework, which we have documented extensively here on this Portal through articles, tutorials and videos and also in the official Product Documentation.

Even though for now, we only support Unity, since Machinations is an engine-agnostic game design tool, our game engine plugin will follow the same philosophy. As such, the goal of our game engine integration efforts is to provide libraries that support a wide range of game engines and programming languages. 

Here’s our official announcement for UP, in which you can see some of the features of the plugin:

The fastest and easiest way to get up to speed with UP is to clone our example Unity 3D project:

Machinations UP Example – Tanks

For now, the first step for UP is to support integration with Unity 3D

Unreal Engine support is on our roadmap.