Unity 3D

The first version of Machinations UP, supporting Unity 3D, is now entering the Pilot program. We will closely collaborate with some of our most enthusiastic and skilled partners to flesh out the first vital features of the software.

Interested to participate? Get in touch:

UP Closed Beta Enrollment Form^

UP for Unity 3D comes in the form of a class library and two Prefabs (one for Machinations and another for using SocketIO). First, you drag the Prefabs onto the Stage and configure them, as instructed in our Integration Guide. Then, you connect your Game Objects to Machinations by declaring Machinations Game Object Manifests for them, and using Machinations Element Binders to map a Game Entiy Property to any Machinations Diagram Element of your choosing.

For now, the integration is not trivial and involves some scripting. We aim to offer a Mapping User Interface at a later date, but because there are large differences between how games are coded, this may be a complex undertaking.

Once the integration is complete, upon Startup , the Game will retrieve any mapped values directly from the appropriate Machinations Diagram. Even more, as you modify the diagram, changes will be sent to the game in real time. Even more, Up will allow the Game to send events to Machinations. This paves the way for Game-Aware Analytics.